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Treat Diseases with your

regular daily cup of tea with:

* Tea for Hypertension

* Tea for Blood sugar

* Tea for Obesity

* and many more...

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Welcome to TeaFit.com!

We offer tea for your health and fitness from different Asian countries directly to your doorsteps.

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Slimming Tea: choose among a fine collection of slimming teas that lowers your cholesterol levels in

your blood. Our slimming teas won’t make you lose stools. They make you lose your appetite and high cholesterol instead.

Korean Ginseng Tea

Herbal Specialty Tea: In this section you will find herbal tea that has been used for centuries in Asian countries for various ailments.

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Tea for Diseases: Here we have tea for regulating blood sugar, hypertension, heart diseases, rheumatism and more. Each of those teas has direct influence on one or several organs and thus treat malaise slowly and constantly in an utmost relaxing and stable way.

Antihypertensive Tea

Exotic Tea: In this section you will find herbal tea from Asia that is very much unknown in Western countries, like “three Snake Gall Tea” or similar. This section might include tea of any of the upper categories ( Diseases, Herbal Specialty or Slimming ) or complement them.

diabetes tea

All teas isold on this website have in common:

Diabetes Tea

- they are carefully selected and grown with almost none or none fertilizer!

- it is, what we believe the best selection of tea all over Asia. Impossible to find in Western drugstores!

skimmung tea

Special Offer:

Order 2 orders and get 1 pack of tea of your choice FREE!

Slimming Tea

Wholesale Offer:

Order 5 orders ( 10 packs mostly) and get 30% Discount!

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Medicinal Tea

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