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Slimming Tea

Our slimming teas differ from most slimming teas available. They do not cause you diarhea, instead they treat obesity from the root. Some of them reduce cholesterol levels a natural way. Therefore they are being used as well for coronary heart diseases. Others they reduce blood sugar levels and reduce your appetite.

slimming with tea

TeaFit slimming is different from the usual diets and all those medications and slimming tea that make you lose your stool.

No more feeling weak when on a diet! No more missing out a meal! Just drink a few cups of tea a day and grow fit and slim at the same time..

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grace slimming tea

Grace Slimming Tea - follows the international standard of slimming but without causing the side-effects of low appetite, diarrhea or weakness. Tests have proven that the tea has distinctive effects on slimming with an effective-rate of 98%, .28 tea bags, (good for 1 month).

Item # S-Tea 413

2 packs, 56 tea bags (good for 2 months)

US $ 39.80 incl.  Shipping


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ginseng weight reduction tea

Ginseng Tea with Health Protection and weight Reduction - One Ginseng Tea bag in a cup of hot water. Let steep for 15 minutes. Add honey or lemon. For best results, drink one tea before bedtime daily. Continuous administration will keep you fit and healthy. 30 tea bags/pack, (good for 1 month).

Item # S-Tea 812

2 packs, 60 tea bags (good for 2-3 months)

US $ 29.80 incl.  Shipping


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slim special tea

Ginseng Slim Special Tea - 100% Natural herbal tea with ginseng and malva verticellata. This dietary supplement is made from natural herbs and is reinforced of its strength by panax ginseng. It can meet the needs of losing weight as well as keep good general health. 20 tea bags/pack, (good for 20 days).

Item # S-Tea 1002

2 packs, 40 tea bags (good for 1-2 months)

US $ 34.90 incl.  Shipping


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beauty and slim tea

Beauty Slim Tea - This preparation is made from famous Fukien tea together with 12 kinds of medicinal herbs, a concoction of a well tested herbalistís prescription for resolving bodily fat and reducing weight. It reduces the cholesterol of the aged, thus preventing atherosic sclerosis and high blood pressure. This tea will make you feel young and slim. 20 tea bags/pack, (good for 20 days).

Item # S-Tea 1282

2 packs, 40 tea bags (good for 1-2 months)

US $ 32.10 incl.  Shipping


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keepfit and slimming tea

Keepfit, Slimming & Whitening Tea - This tea is prepared from the seeds of Oerothera Biennis L., a wild plant which grows only in Northeast Chinaís Chian Bai mountain. Its nutritional supplement with functions of reducing fat and cholesterol in the blood, controlling the excessive appetite of a normal person & readjusting the disorder of fat metabolism. The tea does reduce excess weight through a natural way and does not have any side effects which usually causes diarrhea or weakens oneís resistance to diseases. 20 tea bags/pack, (good for 20 days).

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Item # S-Tea 329

2 packs, 40 tea bags (good for 1-2 months)

US $ 34.10 incl.  Shipping


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* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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